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Four musicians and a storyteller play a music fantasy for children. Children do not only watch the show passively but they also take part in it. The Fantasy tells a story about Princess Lena, whose life a Secret Agent "Falsetone" is going to brake. At the Princess' festival children will meet famous guests - some of the greatest composers: Mr. Bach, Mr. Beethoven, Mr. Haydn... But Agent "Falsetone" wants to ruin the festival! Due to the help of children auditory a miraculous rescue comes...
Private nursery school "Waldhütte"
Vienna, 2009

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Music Fantasy "Princess Lena" byManfred M. Hrubant intended for children at the age of 5 to 10 years.
Duration: 55 minutes
Music: original compositions by Josef Stolz; and also by J.S.Bach, L.v.Beethoven, J.Haydn, J.Strauss a.o...
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"Princess Lena" is brought to you by:
Scenario Manfred M. Hrubant
Storyteller Beppo Binder
Musicians Elena Rozanova (violin)
Elisaveta Sharakhovskaya (cello)
Thomasz Jankowski (bassoon) and Andrei Skorobogatko (oboe)
Video editing Sergey Martynyuk
DVD-Mastering Oleg Dergilev Camera László Váncsa and Christian Enzlmüller Sound engineer Oleg Dergilev Weblayout pooledge AC
Magistrat d. 2. Bezirk Wien  noen  kkaustria  bw:ukk
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